Pizoff Mens’s Hip Hop Graffiti Print Baggy Jeans Denim

Pizoff Mens's Hip Hop Graffiti Print Baggy Jeans Denim
  • Brand Pizoff by Zero Fashion, Hottest Street Style
  • Premium Quality, 100% Real & Genuine Product
  • Designed and Produced by Zero Fasthion Co., LTD
  • Machine Washable, Hand Washed Sugggestion

KIND NOTICE: To ensure your fittest size, Please have a CAREFUL check of our size chart below.

Size 30 Waist:76cm Bottom Size:107cm Length:112cm

Size 32 Waist:81cm Bottom Size:112cm Length:112cm

Size 34 Waist:86cm Bottom Size:117cm Length:112cm

Size 36 Waist:91cm Bottom Size:122cm Length:114cm

Size 38 Waist:96cm Bottom Size:127cm Length:114cm

Size 40 Waist:101cm Bottom Size:132cm Length:114cm

Size 42 Waist:106cm Bottom Size:137cm Length:114cm

Size 44 Waist:111cm Bottom Size:142cm Length:117cm

Size 46 Waist:116cm Bottom Size:147cm Length:117cm

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