BawBags Black Cool De Sacs Boxers

BawBags Black Cool De Sacs Boxers
  • BRAND NEW DESIGN!! – BawBags Black Cool De Sac Boxers
  • Featuring Thermal Wicking Active Technology for cooler Baws
  • Ergofit design for superior Baw support
  • Front side pocket for rapid chopper access
  • One of many BawBag designs available from AltSkate

BRAND NEW BAWBAGS DESIGN! That’s right, the boys at BawBags HQ aren’t resting on their laurels. They’re hard at work producing more spanking new boxers in which to encase your baws. Ladies and gentlemen we give you the BawBags Cool De Sacs Black boxers. We’ve all had the uncomfortable sticky feeling of overheated underpants, after just a bit of physical activity on a slightly warm day your undercrackers can feel like they’ve developed their own equatorial ecosystem with treefrogs and parrots and everything. Luckily for you and unluckily for your new jungle friends, BawBags have come up with the perfect solution for warm underpant syndrome. BawBags Cool De Sac boxer shorts have been engineered with BawBags very own Thermal Wicking Active Technology that maintains super low undercracker ambient temperatures even when your subjecting them to a bit of hard work. Cool De Sacs are built with fully breathable chinion outer fabric and a 95% bamboo liner designed to wick pesky moisture away from your delicate parts when you’re disco dancing or cheese rolling or whatever it is that you get up to at the weekends. These wonderpants also have benefits above and beyond the comfort of your Baws. It has been scientifically proven by men in white coats that having an overheated sack can play merry hell with your sperm count. Well, wearing a pair of Cool De Sacs, which is akin to having an air conditioner clamped to your nether regions, will help prevent your little swimmers from getting all hot and bothered and going belly up before they’ve had chance to cause a bit of michief. BawBags Cool De Sacs are available in a range of terrific, unique designs and these ones are no different. And as with all Bawbags they have a front side pocket for rapid access to your crown jewels and ergofit design for superior Baw support. Lovely stuff.

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